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Moon Flower
I would find her laying up in the field that was behind the houses on my street. The grass always seemed tall there. She would be lying there, hidden amongst the tall blades. The first few times I never said anything. I would just watch from afar. Hiding like she didn't know I was there, then sneak back to my house. Finally I got the courage one day to speak. "What are you doing?" I accidentally blurted out from my hiding spot. My cover was blown, so I stood up and walked over near the girl. I never got a good look at her before this. She was laying with her arms and legs spread out, like you would to start making a snow angel. She was pale for being out here everyday. Her hair was long, and silvery blonde. She was wearing a white and faded pink striped dress that came to her knees, and pink leggings that also looked faded with time. She didn't move but briefly looked at me. Thats when I noticed how blue her eyes were. The sky paled in comparison to them. My heart skipped a beat. The o
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Untitled P3
Two weeks later I decided to give the place a shot. I had mom call Mr. Ryu, and he came to pick us up that afternoon. I watched the limo pull up, and the man open Mr. Ryus' door. Once Mr. Ryu stepped out he looked straight at me again in the window. I gasped and ran to mom. "He's here." I whispered. "Oh ok......Why are you whispering?" She asked. I looked towards the door, and back to mom. "I think Mr. Ryu can sense me, or read my thoughts or something!" I said in a hushed voice. Just then we both heard a laugh come from the front door. We looked over to see Mr. Ryu at the screen door looking in. "I have to admit, Tsuki, you are quite entertaining!" He said smiling. My face turned red, and I huffed at him. Mom told me to behave myself, and told me to get whatever I think I'd need. Mr. Ryu said that anything we would need they'd get for us. She thanked him, and urged me out the door. As we sat in the limo I couldn't help but be nosy. I looked in compartments, and opened all kinds of thi
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Untitled P2
The next day, there was a package on our doorstep. Inside was a pamphlet, and some papers we were suggested to read. As we read on, mom said it looked promising, and said it wouldn't hurt to check the place out. I looked inside the envelope and pulled out a form. I showed mom, and she said to fill it out. "Then if you decide you'd like to stay it will already be filled. Okay? So go ahead." She urged me. As she walked off still looking at the pamphlet, I couldn't help but feel my heart break. I don't want to live away from mom. Even if it was a few hours away. Right here I'm only a few minutes away. I went to my room and sat down on the bed. I tossed the papers to the side, and curled up in a ball. As I lay there, I began questioning to myself. Does mom want me gone? Is she tired of me? Does she not love me anymore? As each question flew through my mind, my heart sank more and more. I could feel myself start to cry. I sat up and picked up the papers, tears still falling from my eyes. Ju
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I never thought in a million years I would be in a place like this. Far away from my comfort zone. I'm soo nervous. I don't know what to do with myself. All these people here walking around. I'm getting dizzy just thinking about it. When that man showed up at our door he said it was big this place, but I never imagined it would be THIS big! "Hello there. Are you Ms. Tsuki Nijimukudori?" I stood there just staring at him. He was so handsome, and his eyes were the most bluest I'd ever seen. "Oh, uh...yes. I am." I answered flustered. "My names Kuro Ryu. How do you do?" He said holding out his hand. I shook it, kinda hesitant. "Good...I guess.." "May I come in?" He asked. At that moment my mom came to the door. "Hello, and what is it you need?", she asked politely. I could tell she was annoyed by him though. "I came to discuss your daughter. I know what she is." He said quickly glancing at me, and back to my mom. "Oh...." she said, "...Please come in." She stepped aside, and gestured towa
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Crystal Part 8
For a whole week Mom kept trying to think of what material could be blue. She just couldn't think of anything that would be blue, that you could carve. School was becoming more and more troubling too. Her mind was totally wrapped up in trying to find out what Crystal was made of, that she couldn't focus in school. Normally her grades were great, but this was more important she felt. The kids at school were also picking on Crystal more, and more. Mr. Beechum had to come to school three times. The school felt that Crystal was causing a disruption in the classrooms. Mom felt soo bad. She wanted to help her. Every time she thought about going over and saying something the memory of Crystal smiling at her in Mr. Beechums basement came back into her mind. It wasn't creepy per say, but was strange to her. Crystal actually had a very sweet smile. She could tell that Crystal loved Mr. Beechum very much. Like a parent almost. Well, if he was her maker then he would be her dad. Mom just felt, eve
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Wishes do come true...5
Nicky, Nathan, Nick, Megan, and Josh met up later on after Nicky changed Nick, and headed to the tree house. All the way there everyone was ranting about how awesome Nick looked. After they got there, the kids played tag while Nicky chilled in a seat outside up top.
Nicky: {I wonder what animal I should be......hmm. I could be a wolf. I like wolves. Or a kitty like Megan. Or a fox like Nick! Or even a bunny! But....they all sound soo cool, and cute. I can't decide.} *looks down at the kids playing* {What should I be?} "Hey!"
All of them: *stop and look up*
Nicky: "I can't decide what to be....I need help. I want to either be a wolf, cat, fox, or bunny. The wolf sounds cool, the bunny sounds cute, the fox sounds awesome, and the cat...." *looks at Megan* "...makes me feel like a copy cat." *laughs at the joke of being copy cat*
Nathan: "Why don't we take a vote?"
Megan: "Yeah!"
Josh: "I vote, I don't know either."
Nicky: "Thanks Josh....helpful"
Nick: "I vote fox! Like me!!"
Megan: "I v
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A dream I had.
I had a dream the other night. Pewdiepie, and CinnamonToastKen announced that they would be touring together. They would be stopping at every states capital for a meet & greet. I was so excited I could piss myself. I couldn't refuse this time. I missed Olan Rogers meet & greet, I won't miss this one! I saw that they wouldn't be in my state for awhile, so I had some time to plan. I begged my mom to let me go. I promised that I would do ANYTHING she would ask. I would rub her feet every morning for the rest of the year. Make my famous meatloaf every other Saturday. Sing to her the song she likes me to sing to her. Little Mermaids, Les Poisson. With a promise like that, she couldn't refuse me. So she said yes, and said she would save up some money for me to spend. I screamed and cheered so loud, that the whole neighbor could have heard me. That night I made her dinner, and dessert. Then rubbed her feet before bed. I'm famous for rubbing feet and backs. My mom says that, for her, my feet r
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Wishes do come true...4
*The Next Day*
Sally awoke to noises coming from the living room. After she did her business she headed out to see Nathan doing chores and Nicky on the computer.
Sally: "Have you checked my bank?" *sits in a chair next to Nicky*
Nicky: "Funny you should asked cause I was just about to get on there....just let me pull it up..." *continues typing*
Nathan: "Good Morning Grandma!" *smiles great big, and hugs her*
Sally: "Good morning, hun. I'm glad to see your doing your chores. And I didn't even have to bitch at you about it!" *looks at him shocked*
Nicky: "*still typing* "Its' about damn time!" *giggles*
Nathan: "Ha ha!" *goes off and continues his chores*
Nicky: "Ok. I'm logged in.....lets see......"
Sally: "Go into my checking."
Nicky: "I know, I know.....just let me do it. Ok, .......It's in!! WHOO HOO!!!!!" *jumps up and starts dancing*
Sally: "Alright! Now move. I'm going to pay off bills and then lets see how much we got left." *moves Nicky out of the way and starts on her bills*
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Wishes do come true...3
*The next morning*
Sally pulls in to the drive-way and sits there for a moment. She then gathers her stuff and runs inside. She throws it all down in the kitchen.
Sally: "I'M HOME!!!!" *stands there waiting for a response*
Sally walks back to Nickys bedroom. She looks in to see Nicky sprawled all over her bed and Nathan laying on her floor. She looks at them for a sec. Then draws in a big breath.
Sally: "~I'M HOOOOOOME!~"
Nathan: *jumps up* "I'm up!"
Sally: "About damn time!" *looks at Nicky* "~Nicky! Wake up! I'm home~"
Nicky: *rolls over* "Morning..."
Sally: *gets on bed and begins messing with her* "Wake up, Nicky. I'm home! Don't you care I'm home?"
Nicky: "I do care your home, I'm just tired. How was work?"
Sally: *sits up* "Oh! It was great! When I got there everybody was staring at me, asking who I was. I loved it!"
Nicky: "Oh yeah? Did they try to kick you out?"
Sally: "No. Steve said, "Sally, is that you?", and I laughed, and he knew."
Nathan: : *Laughs*
Sally: "So all night l
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Wishes do come true...2
*The next morning*
Sally: "I'M HOME!!" *tosses her stuff down, and plops in her chair*
Nathan: *rolls over on coach* "Hi grandma..." *rubs eyes*
Sally: "I'm hungry. Make me something to eat!" *smiles great big*
Nathan: *slowly gets up and stretches* "What would you like?"
Sally: "Food!"
Nicky: *yells from bedroom* "Thats my line!!"
Sally: *booms with laughter* "~I know!~"
Nicky: {How can she be so sunshiny this early in the morning?} *rolls out of bed*
Sally: "Are you gonna join us?"
Nicky: *yells from bathroom* "I guess!" *minutes later she walks out and plops down on the coach*
Sally: "~Good Morning!~"
Nicky: *looks over at her Mom with an emotionless face* "Good morning."
After awhile Nathan finishes the food, and they all eat. Sally talks about everything that went on at work last night. Then she starts to watch tv and doze off in the chair. Nicky looks over to see both Sally and Nathan were asleep.
Nicky: {Jesus. I can see Mom being tired, but Nathan didn't even work last night...
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Wishes do come true...
*Tv News Anchors*
"The man was taken into custody today, but still no news on the two missing girls. But authorities say they will get the information out of him, no matter what"
"Wow! Bob. That is horrible. I hope they find those two little girls soon.*
"Me too, Susan. Me, too. On a lighter note, Rachel, why don't you tell us about the weather tonight."
"I'd love to, Bob! Tonight is going to be a fairly cooler night with temps in the lower 70s with some gently breezes here and there. I also have some fun news tonight. Our meteorologist told me that there will be a meteor shower tonight. It starts around midnight, and last on through the night till dawn. So kids have fun!"
"I think they will Rachel"
"I think they will too, Bob. Good thing its a Friday night!"
"Yes, Susan, Good thing! I kinda can't wait to watch it myself."
*Susan laughs* "Well, Bob, I'm sure Mary and the kids will love it!"
"I'm sure they will. Well, that's it for the news tonight! I'm Bob Rogers."
"And I'm Susan King.
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Crystal part 7
School started up not too long after that. Crystal wasn't there for the first few days. Everything was back to normal. Kids were more talkative. They played more openly at recess. Mom on the other hand had an agenda. She began to gather any kind of information she could from the teachers about Mr. Beechum. Although they didn't know who Mr. Beechum was. Carver was all they had known him by all these years. No one knew anything about HIM. All they could talk about was the statues he had made for them. So she had a long list of statues. This wasn't what she wanted at all. Mom began to go after school to the local stores. Two stores a day would be enough. They didn't have to many things to say about Mr. Beechum either. Some older folks don't even remember him as a young child in town. Mom just kept getting more statues added to her list. Nothing she thought was helpful at all. After about a week she had gone through the stores in town, and most of the folks shopping at the time too. No goo
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Crystal part 6
It seemed like they stood there forever. Crystal smiling at mom still. The papers in her hands were falling slowly to the floor one, by one. All mom could do was look at this strange girl before her. There was a noise from above them. Someone was coming down the steps. Before mom could do anything, Mr. Beechum came through the doorway. "What are you doing down here?!" He yelled at mom. HE saw the papers in her hand, and on the floor. He rushed to her and snatched them up. He looked them over, and back to mom. "Get out......." He said. It sounded like his throat clenched up. "GET OUT I SAID!" He yelled out. Mom was trembling. She was scared. Not only from this situation, or the strange pictures. She was afraid she was going to loose her friend. Not really thinking anymore she ran. All the way back to her house. She didn't stop to talk to grandma. She went straight to her room and curled up in her bed. The pictures flashed in her mind. What did all that mean?! What was that blue block? W
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Crystal part 5
Then a voice from the darkness called back. "Hello." Mom could hear foot steps coming near. She didn't know what it was, but pictures flashed through her mind. All kinds of scary monsters of all sorts could be in this darkness. Just then a figure appeared from the darkness.....It was Crystal! "Oh thank goodness!" My mom said putting a hand on Crystal shoulder. Mom laughed looked at Crystal. She was staring at moms hand on her shoulder. Mom pulled her hand away slowly. "Hey, Crystal, can I come in and play? We can play in your room. Or even in the backyard! Either place is fine." Mom said. "Okay." Crystal said turning and walking into the house. My mom quickly walked in and shut the door, chasing after Crystal. They walked through the front parlor, through the kitchen, and started to head downstairs to the basement. Mom followed along behind Crystal, afraid to get left behind. They got to the bottom of the stairs and turned heading into a back part that was closed in. Crystal opened the
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Crystal part 4
The door slowly opened again. He looked sadly down at my mom. "Your right." He said. "I do have her to be thankful for." My mom smiled up at Carver. "So will you come over, and join us for dinner?" She asked. He heaved a long sigh, and nodded. "Yeeah! I'll join ya. Where do ya live?" He asked my mom. She point across the street. "I live across from you Sir!" She giggled. He looked over and saw my Grandma waving from the front door. "Come on over any time! I don't mind!" My grandma called. The man became flustered. "We' over shortly!" He yelled. Then nodded to my mom before slamming the door. My mom skipped back home, and helped set up the table. After about forty five minutes there was a knock at the door. My grandma took a deep breath, and answered. "Hello! Please come on in. The table is all set. I hope you like turkey." She said leading them to the dining room. Carver began to say something, but grandma chimed in. "And if not we also have ham." She turned and smiled at Carve
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Mature content
The young mans hell. :iconlunarraver:LunarRaver 0 0


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I had a dream I was living in my old house. It was in the last city I lived in. Two story house. Two bedrooms, one bath, and a basement.
The street we lived on was becoming unstable. The two sides were fighting with each other. Over stupid things. It all started with a rash of disturbances. It would always be on one side of the street or the other. Knocking, window tapping, and such. Then it upped to things being broken. Small things at first. Until a front windows began to be smashed in the dead of night. No culprit around to be found. But within a week every house on one side had some front window smashed. It wasn't always the same side of the house. It was random. Thats when everyone somehow got it into their heads that it was the opposite side of the street causing the problems. But if that was the case, then both sides were causing a ruckus. I didn't know what was really going on, but I know I had nothing to do with it. I just thanked God that it wasn't our side of the street that got our windows smashed. Its been a month now, and things still keep happening like this. Thats when I decided to take matters into my own hands. I had two japanese practice swords that I had bought awhile back with some money I had earned babysitting a few peoples kids. I even bought sheaths and straps to wear them with. I started to go to my basement and practice pulling them both out. After another month of practicing with them, and taking a few karate lessons, I felt confident enough to go out for a night to investigate, and try to catch a glimpse of who the real culprit is. I put on a pair of black pants, dark grey shirt, and black hoodie. I sat out in the shadows of my neighbors house for awhile. It went on like this for awhile, and nothing happened. A few days of this, and no incident. So I figured that they could see me. Well.... lets just say that I got caught by a few of the neighbors skulcking around, so I decided some more lessons would be needed. Two months later...... I had caught a couple thieves and a few kids trying to sneak into an abandoned house at the end of the street. But could not find the person causing the disturbances. I was never fast enough. No one on the street knew who this mysterious person is who was slowing cleaning up our street, but they were slightly greatful. I had all black attire now with a face mask. They knew it was a girl though. Heh! I'm 26 so I'm fully grown. If you know what I mean. After awhile it became second nature to me. I whooped any ass trying to cause trouble. Up all night playing hero, sleep all day. I was becoming worried. I wanted to protect my home. I wanted to protect my Mom. I was starting to get a bad feeling that something bad was about to happen soon. I became restless, and started losing sleep. I slept in my Moms room. So you would think I would feel comfortable, and safe, but it didn't help at all. I didn't want any harm to come to her. One night I had forgot to put on my black gear and went out in a pair of grey shorts and a red t-shirt. I started to walk to one end of the street, when a thought came over me, "Should I go change into a different bra?" I felt like I didn't want my boobs to sag too much and get in the way. Then it hit me. Your not even wearing your outfit dummy! I started to panic, and looked around. I was standing under a lamp post. I was exposed. Someone could see me. I had the mask on but you could clearly tell it was me. I started to swiftly walk back to my house when I saw shadows moving down the street from either side. They were quickly coming from both sides to meet in the middle. Then all at once yelling. It was everyone in the neighborhood. They were attacking one another. One side pitted against the other. Some from my side going and kicking over tables and pulling up flowers, and same from the other side. I stood there and watched in shock. What had come over these people? Who was the cause of all this? It was a mystery. I ran down toward the closest group and started shouting for them to stop. They were right outside my nextdoor neighbors house. I could see the older man, and his daughter fighting with the younger couple that lived right across the way. The old man was struggling with the young man, and wasn't listening. His daughter, who was 5 years older then me, stopped bickering with the woman across the street and looked at me. "Stop this!" I yelled. She recognised me immediately. "YOU!" She shouted loudly. "Dad, look! I told you we knew them! Its that girl from next door!" She yelled at her  dad. He turned and looked me up and down. Another group overheard her and came over. Before I knew it three or four more groups ran over and everyone started to say I was the one who started this whole thing. I was playing pranks. They all called me a bitch, a no good hoodlum, a snotty nosed punk, a good for nothing prankster who gets off on destroying peoples lives. Then they turned and started to beat on the sides of my house, and break the windows. "No! Stop it" I yelled. "I didn't start all this! I don't know who did!" I ran and pulled a few people away from the house. "I was trying to FIND the person behind it all!" I yelled. I didn't want to hurt these people. They were good people. I couldn't hit them with my swords. I started to beg. "Please, believe me?! I didn't do it! Don't ruin this house! Not the house I live with my Mom in! Well... I mean I know she isn't here anymore but.....!" And I stopped. She isn't here. She's not in the house. She died. What am I protecting exactly? Its just a house. I could have lived in a box with her, and it would have been our home. But without her there it would have been just another box...... In my mind she had been in there the whole time. Was I crazy? Was I losing my mind? Then I woke up.

I'm having a had time trying to keep up on the house I live in now. I don't have a job, and not sure if I could work, or can keep one. I have neuropathy of the feet. I'm over weight. Diabetic. I'm trying to lose weight but its hard. Everyone knows that though. Now with Mom gone, its even harder. My nephew was the one supporting us after Mom passed. It wasn't much but we got by. Then a friend I knew for 15 years took money from us, and then my nephew got fired. Now we owe two months rent, have no gas to cook, or shower, after today no internet, and in a few days no phone. I felt like I'm losing the very home my Mom is in... but she's not. Its not a home. Its just a trailor that we own, that sits on land we rent. She is in heaven. Looking down on my family and me, and smiling sending us love in the best way she can. The things in this house, they are just objects. Did she peel them from her skin and mold them into what they are? No. She did work hard to earn the money to get them, but if I needed money she wouldn't be mad if I sold them. I miss my Mommy every day. I will miss her till the day I die. And I will pray that one day I get to be with her again. Because she was my everything. And without her.... all this around me...... is nothing.


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I would say I'm your average normal everyday girl, but the people who know me would say otherwise. I'm weird. Super weird. I have an imagination that drives me crazy cause I can't properly put it to words sometimes. Also cause it tends to become overactive and scare me.


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